Arushi Jain

Reinforcement Learning Master Student- Reasoning and Learning Lab, Montreal


Please go to my new website. This page is not maintained anymore.

I am a Master student in Machine Learning from Fall'17 at McGill University. I am supervised by Doina Precup  in Reasoning and Learning Lab. I am currently exploring various approaches to add Safety in AI particularly Hierarchical Reinforcemnt Learning.  

Previously, I was a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research, India. I was working with Applied Machine Learning Team on Anamoly Detection problem, building Smart Assistant for Enterprise Emails using DNN.

Prior to that I was Computer Science undergrad at IIITD, India. I worked with Image Analysis and Biometrics Lab under the supervision of Mayank Vatsa and Richa Singh on biometric problems using EEG brain signals.

I was also a SDE intern at Amazon, India working with team dealing in costumer returned goods.

My CV is here.


CRIM Graduate Scholarship 2018

Research Interests

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Hierarchical RL and Temporal Abstractions 

Machine Learning

Deep Learning